27 August 2014
Since its renewal more than 500 thousands of calls has been answered by the Government Customer Line. During the period from January till June, most of questions have been related to customer gate but many people were interested in topics related to among others driving license, passport, higher education admission system, official certificate of good conduct and in addition general issues on public administration.
13 August 2014
Due to an easily accessible communication platform implemented at the Personal Customer Service Centre of KEKKH deaf and hard of hearing customers visiting the customer service centre can smoothly arrange their document office related affairs.
13 June 2014
In favour of more convenient customer services from 16 June 2014 (Monday) at KEKKH Personal Customer Service Centre (1133 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 110.) the administration on weekdays as well as weekends may be arranged solely by appointment.
25 March 2014
The “Post Office Agora Project” had been successfully completed at about 40 post offices, where from 1 April 2014 customer gate registration can be performed as well.
20 March 2014
The Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services hosted a professional day for registrars. 1 July 2014 will bring significant changes in the civil register system, because the former hardcopy-based registers will be replaced by a modern, fully electronic system in the future.
06 February 2014
One of the main tasks of public administration is to develop customer-centric operation with regard for needs/demands and interests of citizens as well as to create uniformly high-standard and generally accessible public services. In accordance with this objective, the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (KEKKH) and the National Info communication Services Co. Ltd. (NISZ) has launched another joint development within the framework of the project "Development of interoperable IT infrastructure of integrated customer services".
06 February 2014
EReg Topic Group I meeting on International Data Exchange took place in Budapest, organized by the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services.
18 November 2013
"Change in attitude and approach in our Office's life is impressive only if it is not self-centric, but need arises from the interests of the society" – said Iván Vetési President of KEKKH.
26 September 2013
From 1st October Official Certificate of Good Conduct can be claimed in person in a new site - in the Central Document Office. The customer service centre from Vaskapu utca is relocated to the customer service centre situated on the ground floor of the Central Document Office (Visegrádi utca 110.). Thus all customer service centres of KEKKH can be reached in person at a single point in the future. Compared to the previous opening hours from now customers can apply for Official Certificate of Good Conduct in significantly extended opening hours (from Monday – till Thursday: 8:00-16:30h, on Friday: 8:00-14:00h). Applications for certificates may be submitted by mail and electronically via the Web Assistant Application system as well. The Web Assistant application system is available for customers having Customer Gate login via the KEKKH website (www.kekkh.gov.hu).
05 September 2013
Major task of the renewing public administration is to increase its efficiency, to improve the quality of e-government services, to facilitate and make the officials’ activity more effective. Implementation of these goals is supported by the project titled \"Development of KEKKH IT infrastructure\". In the framework of this development the hardware and software procurements increase the efficiency of administrative work by a cost-effective and sustainable way.
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